Roanoke Valley Medical Ministries Clinic tries to help people in the Roanoke Valley who do not have health insurance and have limited money by offering free medical care services. Our physicians and volunteers want to provide the best basic medical care to our patients as well as to help our patients get the necessary medicine to help promote wellness in the Roanoke Valley.

Our Services Are Free For People Who Are Eligible.

The free medical services are provided as RVMMC is able to do so. Thus, patients in the Roanoke Valley are not “entitled” to any specific free medical services and Roanoke Valley Medical Ministries Clinic is not responsible when those medical services cannot be offered to our clients. Be sure to review our FAQs to see if you are eligible for our free medical services in the Roanoke Valley.

Questions or Comments? Feel Free To Contact Us.

Simply visit our contact page and fill out our contact form. We’ll be happy to assist you as we welcome all questions and/or comments about the free medical services that we provide. We’re always looking at ways that we can better serve you and the Roanoke Valley community.

Just Celebrated Our 10 Year Anniversary!

Roanoke Valley Medical Ministries Clinic recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary. We were so excited about this milestone because we have been able to help so many people along the way. To read up on various news article about this celebrations as well as other related news articles about RVMMC, be sure to read our news articles page.