The Board of Directors wishes to keep you informed regarding the operations via this Newsletter.

Since it’s inception the clinic has operated on grants and donations. For the first three years of operations we received grants of $25,000 each year from both The Duke Endowment and Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust with additional grants of $12,500 from the Roanoke Valley United Way and Halifax Regional Medical Center. There have been approximately 40,000 in additional donations to the clinic.

The annual budget for the clinic is $75,000 per year. The major portion of the budget is $38,000 for medications. This past year this price for medications increased and we actually spent $48,512 not including the value of samples given out to patients. Due to this, the budget was actually $10,512 over. By closely watching the other expenses and with money left over from previous years we were able to cover these items.

Beginning with the fiscal year 2002 we will have to rely on local donations to meet our budget. Our Finance Committee is in the process of obtaining additional donations.

We have built the financial foundation for our structure, and we are sure that we can, with hard work and good will, build upon it for future success.  This project has been one of the most successful that the hospital has undertaken. The physicians and other volunteers have been the key to this success.  Our Medical Directors, Dr. Pandarinath and Dr. Myers have expressed a need for more volunteers.

There were 1367 patient visits scheduled of which 178 were new patients for an average of 28 patients per Wednesday night. If charges were made for the clinic visits the value would have been $60,000.  There were 2227 prescriptions written at a cost to the clinic of $48,512. Sample medications given totaled 982 with an approximate value of $32,000.  Laboratory tests ordered at HRMC totaled a value of $46,535 and 57 x-rays ordered at HRMC with a value of $12,933.

We have received donations from International Paper Foundation, Roanoke Electric Care Trust, Southern Bank, Halifax Regional Medical Center Foundation, First United Methodist Church, Lakeside Lutheran Church, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Piggly Wiggly Stores, and various individuals. For our pharmaceutical needs Drugco contributes their time and supplies to fill prescriptions and provides the medicines at cost to RVMMC.  The Committee feels confident that with the cooperation of our local supporters, and funds from other sources, we can continue our work. Of course, if any of you have any suggestions for funding sources, please contact the Finance Committee or Board member.

The Roanoke Valley area is able to have a higher quality of life due to the success of the Roanoke Valley Medical Ministries Clinic. Our good results are mirrored very effectively in the faces of our patients and our volunteers.

Last but not least we would like to thank all of you for your SUPPORT. Please come by the clinic during operating hours on Wednesdays for a personal tour to see our operation for yourselves.