Welcome RVMMC Volunteers

Thank you for sharing your time and talents to help others by helping us at the Roanoke Valley Medical Ministries Clinic (RVMMC). This page is designed to help you understand more about how RVMMC operates and how you can help with its success. To print off an application to become a volunteer at RVMMC, click here.

2009 RVMMC Volunteers

Rose A. Fleming – Executive Director
Rita Baxter
Joyce Bohannon
James Burroughs
Mary Burroughs
Elda Chaudhry
Kuyzendra Cobb
Sherry Hannen
Connie Hill
Gary Holder
Sybil Hudson
Joanne Jackson
Ann Martin
Vera Muzquiz
Ruby Palmer
Susannah Sherman
Linda Tipton
Roy Wilkins
Michael Yates

RVMMC Volunteer Fact Sheet

The following information is to help you have a basic knowledge of how Roanoke Valley Medical Ministries Clinic (RVMMC) operates. This should be helpful in providing accurate information to patients as well as to the community.

  • RVMMC is a non-profit, non-governmental, charitable organization.
  • Clinic hours are on Wednesday evenings from 6:00p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • We get all our money from private donations from churches, individuals, businesses and foundations. We do not receive any government monies.
  • We are a United Way Agency.
  • We welcome memorials and honorariums and will send acknowledgements.
  • RVMMC employs a part-time coordinator, but the work of RVMMC is done by volunteers who are crucial to the survival of the ministry.
  • RVMMC is grateful for any support from the local churches for financial aid and volunteer assistance. We are not affiliated with any one denomination.
  • Each clinic day requires at least 10 volunteers.
  • Volunteers are always needed!
  • RVMMC serves only residents of the Roanoke Valley.
  • Our goal is to help all we can. We cannot be all things to all people all the time.
  • RVMMC is governed by an Advisory Board. Policies and procedures are established by which the Medical Director and Coordinator operate the clinic.
  • Eligibility is required by all patients before services are given.
  • It is the responsibility of all patients to prove their need for our service.
  • Verification in the form of receipts, check stubs, bank accounts and assets are required on first assessment, and after to continue services.
  • Clients with insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid are not eligible.
  • From time to time all patients will need to go through re-certification. All receipts, etc. must be brought in at that time.
  • Patients are seen by appointment only for all services.
  • Appointments are made the afternoon of the clinic day beginning at 1:30 p.m.
  • Appointments are made on a first come, first served basis. Everyone will not get appointments on the day they call.
  • Our phone number is 308-1261 and our fax number is 308-1263
  • Appointments are not made in advance, except by special request of the volunteer doctor.
  • RVMMC does not stock any controlled drugs.
  • Medical services are of a non-emergency nature.
  • Severe and/or life threatening conditions are to be transferred to the HRMC Emergency Department.
  • RVMMC does not do routine, sports, driver’s or disability physicals.
  • RVMMC does not do pregnancy testing or sexually transmitted disease screening
  • Services that are offered through other resources are not done again at this Clinic.
  • We do not have money for dentures, braces, glasses, artificial limbs, etc.
  • We do not have money to pay for services that are referred outside our Clinic.
  • Patients are responsible for all charges made due to a referral.
  • We do not help with over-due bills.
  • All rules have exceptions, but the coordinator is the one who authorizes any and all exceptions.

Our RVMMC Volunteers

Volunteers come in all shapes, sizes, colors and expertise levels. Most of all they come by word of mouth! People tell other people about RVMMC and invite them to be a part of what we do. Please help us by telling others about the work of RVMMC.

RVMMC Volunteer Hours

Most volunteers will work during our evening hours. It is best to plan to be at the clinic from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on the day you volunteer. Physicians begin to see patients at 6:00 p.m. and volunteers need to be in their place by then. Day volunteers are needed each clinic day as well. These valuable people work 12:30 – 5:00 p.m. and do all the background work to have the clinic ready for evening operation.

RVMMC Volunteer Qualifications

While some jobs require specific skills and licensing, there are many things that one can do without medical experience. The list below includes the various jobs at RVMMC.

  • clerical – day
  • phone skills for making appointments – day
  • computer skills – day and evening
  • typing skills – day
  • front desk clerical – evening
  • back desk clerical – evening
  • eligibility interviewers – evening
  • nurses – licensed, practical and registered
  • nursing or medical assistants, EMT’s paramedics
  • physicians – licensed
  • pharmacists – licensed
  • pharmacy technicians – certified
  • pharmacy assistants – approved
  • social workers
  • lab techs, etc.
  • “gofers”
  • laborers
  • physician assistants
  • nurse practitioners
  • security

Volunteer Orientation

Most positions are learned by on-the-job training. You will be at the clinic as an extra person and be “linked up” with a trained volunteer. This will allow you the opportunity to see and learn without the pressure of “doing the job.” The number of times you need to work with another volunteer depends on you. When you feel you’re ready to solo, let us know!

We also like volunteers to cross train at several positions. If you discover a new job you’d like to try just let us know. The more you know, the easier scheduling becomes.

Volunteer Scheduling

Volunteers need to set their own volunteer schedule as much as possible. Please complete the Volunteer Information Sheet on your first night/day and return it to the Coordinator. Tell us how often you can volunteer. We will do our best to respect your wishes.

It is always best if you sign up for your next work time before you leave the clinic. This allows you to fit your schedule and keeps us from having to make so many phone calls. Phoning is frustrating and time consuming. Monthly calendars are located on the volunteer bulletin board.

Volunteer Changes, Cancellations, & No Shows

We realize you have a life! Sometimes things can come up. Please make all changes as much in advance as possible. It is almost impossible to make last minute replacements. NO SHOWS hurt everyone! Please take your schedule date seriously and notify us of conflicts as soon as possible.

Volunteer Sign-in Sheets and Name Tags

There is a volunteer sign-in sheet at the front desk in the clinic. All volunteers, regardless of when you work, should sign in and out. This lets us track who volunteers and how many hours. The times are totaled regularly and names will be added to the RVMMC honor roll when 100 hours are completed.

Name tags are available for all volunteers. Please get yours upon arrival and leave it in the basket in the coordinator’s office when you leave. Name tags allow us to get to know each other on a more personal level, especially since you are working with people you may not know.

Quality, Courtesy and Confrontation

While we don’t expect you to be perfect, we do expect quality work and quality care for our patients. It is okay that you may be out of your element even if you are working in your field. This is not a normal work environment. That’s why you must be careful in the work you do. Ask questions! It is always okay that you ask. It’s not okay for you not to ask because you don’t want to look stupid, or that you’re afraid to bother someone. RVMMC employs a Clinic Coordinator. The focus of this job during clinic hours is to assist the volunteers.

So, please ask! There are information boards, memos, notes, etc. posted in several areas. This will help you. Please review them before you start a position. Read instructions on forms carefully. We need to try to do things as much alike as possible.

Courtesy is a concern. Our patients deserve respect. Even if you have to turn them away, be gentle! Remember that your work partners are volunteers as well. Take this opportunity to make new friends. But first, you must be friendly. Relax and enjoy your time at RVMMC. What is expected when something happens? Sometimes even when you are tired, things go wrong. Mistakes can usually be fixed, just tell the coordinator or a designee about it.

Occasionally you will find yourself in a confrontational situation. While we want volunteers to be courteous to patients, we will tolerate no less from our patients to volunteers. If you have a patient who gets ugly, get the coordinator or designee immediately! Let them handle it. Also, documentation of your interpretation of the incident is requested.

Volunteer Flexibility

“Blessed are they who can bend, for they shall not break.” Good words to live by. Remember RVMMC is just beginning. We can always change and update our policies to better serve our patients. Be patient. Help those who struggle.